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About Us

Tailored IT for your Business

Leverage our IT productivity expertise to mature your IT Service Solutions

Our expertise is helping large IT organizations break free.
Here’s how we can put our productivity expertise to work for you:

Prioritize your outcomes

We can develop a maturity roadmap that balances best practices and the priority outcomes of your organization.

Tune your tools

We can optimize the configuration of your tools and architecture to help realize their full power and potential.

Get key processes in place

We can design, refine, and document the critical processes you need in place to mature your Asset Management.

About Us

At JOP COMPANY LTD , we believe our most valuable asset is our customer. Whether you are ordering for your home, small business, or for a corporate company, we know that you depend on us to provide you the very best customer service and merchandise. We continuously strive to provide our customers with the best quality service or expert service, extensive product selection, and fast delivery.


Our Expert sales consultants are always available to support you with the best advice and guidance according to your needs and specifications.


Our strong relationship with global manufacturing partners and internationally trusted brands enables us to offer you the best deals and exclusive promotions. Our goal is to be your single-source provider for all your IT needs at unbeatable prices.


We want to be your single-source provider for all your technology, and machinery needs at unbelievable reduced prices , a decision by management to reduce profit margins so that all prospective customers with ordinary means can afford the newest technology in their homes, offices, machinery parts and other professional services.



Mission statement

Provide the highest quality service, continuous support and best equipment according to your needs and specifications, all at unbeatable or unbelievable prices


Vision statement

To ensure customer satisfaction by providing affordable and best quality products and services selected by our team of experts.